Feel like you need someone to handle the safety management issues at your business but you cannot justify the cost of a full time employee?

Maybe you should consider the Total Workplace Management Solution Partner Support Program

As you can see from the backgrounds of the Total Workplace Management Solution Partner Support Program members we are experienced in the actual practice, and not just the theory, of safety management systems and arrangements.

Whether it is conducting toolbox talks, completing regular work site inspections, maintaining system databases, developing return to work programs for injured workers, investigating incidents, inducting workers and contractors, convening safety committee meetings or the countless other duties usually handled by a Safety Manager, Officer, Coordinator (or whatever other title you want to use), our team members have done it (and, in all probability, they developed the system being used as well!)

Our team members have worked with transport operators, manufacturers, building & construction and other industry groups under these Partner Support arrangements. How long these arrangements last is completely at the discretion of the client. Some projects are task or time specific, perhaps only lasting for a couple of weeks, while others have continued for years.

There is no such thing as a STANDARD Partner Support Program. All of these are specific to the client’s needs, including the required attendance schedules. One day a week, fortnight, month, on call, only on certain days of the week because of work constraints or worker availability? NO PROBLEMS

Flexibility is the key to any Total Workplace Management Solutions

Partner Support Program


The Cost?

The price of a Total Workplace Management Solution Partner Support Program arrangement varies depending on the amount of time you want our involvement.

PLUS with the Total Workplace Management Solution Partner Support Program, you do not have to factor in FNPF, workers compensation, holiday, long service leave, payroll tax or any of the other costs of a direct employee

Contact us to discuss your specific needs.