Total Workplace Management Solution is an organisation that offers services in the disciplines of

Quality,Work Health & Safety and Environment Management – Successful implementation of an OHS and Environment Management System requires knowledge and precision, including creativity and aptitude.

Work health and safety management

The effective management of work health and safety should primarily lead to a reduction in illness and injury followed by the sustainment of such reductions. Such an outcome often results in cost saving, higher profits and a motivated workforce that yields more product of a higher quality. We build a healthy, safe and compliant work environment by assessing, diagnosing and making recommendations for improvements.

Environmental management

Your business is probably increasingly concerned with achieving and demonstrating sound environmental performance by controlling the impacts of your activities, products and services on the environment, if for no other reason, for the preservation of the planet for your children. 

OHSMS and OHS Auditing would you like to know about the truth about the company status on OHS compliance and how well you are managing your business.

Quality Management System and QMS Auditingquality management is the key to successful business, implementing its key components will drive your business to another level and open doors for growth in your organisation. To lead and operate your business successfully, it is necessary to direct and control it in a systematic and transparent manner.

Business planning and improvement strategiesBusiness problems may lead to a bankruptcy, but may also be an opportunity for new endeavours. TWMS can offer a range of services to improve you overall operations and business systems. We can tailor a service to suit your specific needs and requirements.

Education and trainingIn today’s world, nothing stays the same. Being ready means being ready to switch strategies and game plans whenever it’s necessary. Employee education and training are important components for organisations in order to be competitive in the market.

Engineering and facility managementPlant, machinery and equipment plays an integral part in any organisation regardless whether it’s big or small. Most of these plant and equipment have the same general goals of maximizing use and operating in an efficient and safe manner. Asset Maintenance is the most important aspect of manufacturing industry to maintain or improve their performance,